Idea Validation Toolkit


The Idea Validation Toolkit is full of insights and practical tools for aspiring entrepreneurs, business owners, anyone else looking to launch or improve a product or service. Before designing your solutions or jumping headfirst into developing your product or service, it is vital to test whether there is likely to be demand for your solution and understand what would make it attractive to users. With this kit you will get a step by step plan to help you test and validate demand for your product before you spend a single penny.

With this FREE Idea Validation Toolkit you will be able to:

  • Discover the reason why most startups fail.
  • Find out the formula to defining the problem you are fixing and how it is critical to avoiding failure
  • Get the 10 Step Checklist to validate your idea
  • Get the Free Research Template to help you ask the right questions
  • Understand the process to determine whether the problem is worth fixing
  • Find out the one problem that plagues entrepreneurs and wastes $$$
  • Get the method for quantifying the size of your market that investors will respect